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Cantabria Labs, celebrate life

With its innovative products and entrepreneurial spirit, today Cantabria Labs is a leading brand in dermatological prescription in Europe ( leader in Spain, Italy and Portugal) with the aim of improving people’s health and quality of life. Its presence in over 80 countries and subsidiaries in China, Italy, Morocco, Mexico and Portugal have earned it an excellent international reputation and support.


Cantabria Lab’s production centres work in accordance with the highest quality standards for manufacturing and distributing its over 30 million product units yearly.


Today it enjoys recognition by the healthcare sector for its innovation, scientific endorsement, and the caring and entrepreneurial approach of its over 840 employees.


Cantabria Labs has an entrepreneurial, nonconformist and joyful spirit, and aims to offer people products that allow them to enjoy an excellent quality of life: “celebrate life”.


Success comes from the balance between achieving and doing what is right, between science and ethics, intuition and reason, value and trust, personal initiative and collective knowledge. Ours is teamwork by and for others, with entrepreneurship, innovation and caring the fundamental resources and roadmap for the future.



Our behavior and attitude propel us onwards as we strive daily to get things done. We explore, and investigate, and with great adverturous and entrepreneurial spirit we prosper, never forgetting those need us the most and always putting people first.

Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to double our turnover and place Cantabria Labs in the top 10 dermatology laboratories in Europe, ranking amongst the most important international pharmaceutical companies.

For the solely distributor of Heliocare and Endocare products under INDUSTRIAL FARMACEUTICAL CANTABRIA, S.A. with effective date since 16 November 2018.


By announcement from INDUSTRIAL FARMACEUTICA CANTABRIA, S.A., SPAIN  that SKINOVA COMPANY LIMITED is authorized to be the solely distributor in Thailand to distribute the product line : Heliocare and Endocare with effective date since 16 November 2018. Currently, the list of product line to be distributed in Thailand territory are as per below.


SKINOVA COMPANY LIMITED is authorized to be the solely distributor in Thailand to Professional Healthcare only.

Skinova profile

About us

Skinova Co., Ltd. has operated since 2010, with the interest in the skin science technology to create and expand the technological – related cosmeceutical products into the cosmetic and skincare market.


To become a leading professional organization in promoting and expanding ‘the best cosmeceutical skincare product with skincare based – scientific knowledge.


  • To focus in cosmeceutical skinsciences with willing to expand the cosmeceutical market into the whole cosmetic market by mainly providing the differentiated cosmeceutical products.
  • To be a leader in ‘innovative skincare products’ which complies with the company name, ‘ SKINOVA’.
  • To provide ‘the best cosmeceutical skincare product’ with useful scientific knowledge to patients and cus tomers in order to help them take care of their skins basically.
  • To ensure the best service is provided for the greatest customer satisfaction.
  • To fulfill customers / patients ‘needs, desires, and expectations of skincare.